Actively participating in animal welfare

We care about the welfare of all animals, not just the ones under our care. We:

  • support field conservation efforts in the wild through our fundraising events
  • give priority to species that are threatened in the wild and increase public understanding of these species
  • participate in coordinated breeding programmes and aim to increase understanding of the issues involved in the conservation of endangered species; and
  • promote care for the environment through education and by leading by example.


The International Vulture Programme

We are proud to be active members of the International Vulture Programme, working in conjunction with many partners in the UK and around the worldwide to conserve some of the most endangered species on our planet.

Vultures as a group are the most threatened birds in the world. Of the 23 species of vultures in the world, over 70% of them have an unfavourable conservation status, meaning that they’re at risk of going extinct.

Poisoning is the biggest threat facing vulture populations in Africa, and in particular this threat has grown rapidly with the increasing slaughter of elephants by poachers. Poisoning associated with ivory poaching now accounts for one third of all vulture poisonings since 1970 and is currently the biggest cause of vulture mortality.

For more information on the amazing work we support, please visit The Hawk Conservancy.